Teaching Isn’t Teaching Without Learning

One of the events my employer sponsors is a series of ongoing conferences on how to make events better (focused on event planners, event technology providers, etc.). As I have been involved with these types of meetings for some time, I have noticed a recurring theme.

Events are (largely) about learning.

And, at recent event in Europe, a professor echoed that with a talk he did on Event ROI. He claimed that learning is one of the main goals of an event and you can measure the success of an event by how much attendees learn. And then – and this is what I found particularly interesting – he said that

You know if someone has learned if they change either their attitude or their behavior.

It is not enough to simply take in information. We have only learned if we think or act differently because of that information or experience.

I thought that was powerful. I hope you do too.

It’s pretty scary to ask yourself whether the people you educate are changing as a result of what you are doing.

It certainly makes me think differently about how I teach, present, or even write.